Wine Tasting

The wine is a combination of humor and light” … Galileo Galilei



For individuals and groups, in Italian or in English, I will guide you to discover different varieties of wine, with the option to purchase the bottles you would like to choose for your private collection.


Wine & Food Pairing

I will guide you to discover six regional Italian courses paired with six exceptional Italian wines. Throughout the dinner, you will be awakened to understand how the taste of wine and food can literally be transformed through pairing.


Tailored offering

A private tasting researched and designed to make your experience unforgettable. I will take care of everything: food, wine, location and your happiness.

Wine Tours

You can taste a wine…

but you can’t fully experience it without visiting its place of origin.

Tuscan Tour

A tour in the Tuscan countryside, discovering the best local wines.

Roma Winery Tour

Visiting a premier Lazio Vineyard just 30 minutes from the center of Rome.

Tailored offering

Special tours, to visit wineries, vineyards and much more

Wine and Food Stroll

Wine and food stroll inside characteristic places in Rome

Whether it be a group tasting, a private tour or individual wine consulting, Marco Lori will impart something uniquely personal with each “Off the Vine” experience. His goal is not to educate but to introduce, entertain and enlighten people with wine. Marco’s ability to entwine wine with history while creating a warm social environment is second to none. His wine selection is limitless and his pairings provide a party for the senses. I want everyone to appreciate wine not just as a drink but i want them to appreciate the history, culture, the pairing. The way people soundtrack their lives to music, we can do that with wine.

So when you appreciate good wine … you can connect it to an experience.

I want everyone to appreciate wine not just as a drink but i want them to appreciate the history, culture, the pairing. The way people soundtrack their lives to music, we can do that with wine. So when you appreciate good wine … you can connect it to an experience.


Photos of events and testimonials.

  • “Marco's expertise as a Master sommelier brings to the table his wealth of knowledge of wine be it a specific type, grape, region or country. More important he relays that information with an ease of presentation. If you are visiting vineyard, winery, having a meal or just enjoying a glass of wine, you come away with knowledge of the specific wine or type. His love and passion for wine combined for his skill in imparting and educating leaves you looking forward to doing it again.”

    Vito and Valerie Chicago – IL - USA
  • “Life is really, really good! That’s how we felt after our vacation to Tuscany and Rome which
was planned with the help and support of Marco. We’ve been to Italy several times in the past both on our own and on a tour (Tauck) but this was by far the most memorable. With Marco, who is so knowledgeable about wines, we were able to experience unique tastings at small wonderful vineyards in the Tuscan hillside followed or accompanied by fabulous food. Marco is also an accomplished photographer so the villa that was suggested to us in Tuscany was picture perfect. In Rome, he arranged for a private dinner complemented by a fine selection wines which he detailed. His warmth and good nature make for a truly fun vacation.”

    Pat and George South Carolina – USA
  • “Rarely have I found a master of wine that is funny, authentic, charming, and just all around a sheer delight! When Marco explains something about wine it is a joy to learn. He has the type of personality that everyone who meets him just loves him. “

    Debbie MacDougall partner at The Modern Gentleman. Washington DC – USA
  • “My wife and I are wine lovers, and whenever we need a recommendation, Marco is the first person we call. He has set up wine tours for us in Tuscany, The Veneto, Taurasi, and even some of the more obscure Italian wine regions. His tours always combine some old guard classic producers as well as some lesser known up and comers. They are always educational and fun.”

    Tess R. and Chris MG Los Angeles – CA - USA
  • “We had the recent pleasure of touring a local Rome winery with Marco Lori. His knowledge of the wines and his enjoyable personality made the afternoon a complete delight. I would highly recommend Marco for any of your wine tasting or touring needs while in Italy."

    Lynn Lenox Odenton – MD – USA
  • "Off The Vine provided a First class wine experience from Rome to Tuscany and back.  Marco is an exceptional guide well versed in all wines. He's as funny as he is charming.  Our group had an excellent experience and we will be back!"

    Kerri Borsuk Los Angeles – CA - USA
  • “The evening we spent enjoying food and wine with Marco rivalled our visit to a Michelin rated restaurant! He knows his wine… but he really knows food every bit as much. Any foodie would do themselves a favor by spending some time with this Somm.”

    Mike R. Silver Spring – MD - USA
  • “I have had the unique pleasure of traveling with Marco on several vine excursions over the last couple of years including a week touring the vineyards of Tuscany and most recently some of the most important chateaux of Bordeaux. Marco not only possesses an impressive knowledge of wine but also provides a history of winemaking in the regions and a true love of his craft. I have never experienced a more enthusiastic and entertaining instructor. If that was not enough, he is also an excellent photographer and  a great guy to spend time with."

    Creighton S. Washington D.C. – USA
  • “We had the opportunity to experience the Wine & Food Pairing Course with Marco Lori travelling through Rome in the summer of 2015. During our month-long trip we had taken part in multiple food and vineyard tours but this class was one of the best and definitely the highlight of our trip! Marco was friendly, outgoing and very knowledgeable about good quality wine and its’ pairings. He was able to answer all of our questions and was able to explain clearly the differences and similarities between the wines we tasted in great detail. It was very clear from the moment we arrived that Marco is passionate about his class having an enjoyable experience. The wine itself and the food we shared was absolutely delicious. We will definitely be recommending this to all of our friends and family!

    Kristine N & Sean D Toronto – CANADA
  • This was my first time in Italy, and Marco made it a truly memorable one. From the wine pairing class to tastings at some of the best vineyards the country has to offer, Marco made sure my friends and I not only learned about wine but also had a fantastic time while doing it. Unlike other wine classes I have attended in the past, his approach is not about the most expensive or highest rated wine, but the best tasting wine for the food you are eating, and at every price point. Marco is incredibly warm, personable, funny, and his passion for wine and food shows through in everything he does. He was not only an amazing teacher, but also a great tour guide and travel companion. I cannot wait to come back and share a bottle of wine with Marco again soon. Thanks Marco!

    Andy McEntee Los Angeles, CA USA

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